• Soldier, Sailor, Pescador- Aaron Reed

    Aaron Reed is an award-winning outdoor writer and Army veteran. He currently splits his time between his native Texas Gulf coast, where he drives a tugboat, and his home near the banks of the San Gabriel River in Georgetown, Texas. When he is not working, chances are you can find him knee-deep in a stream somewhere around Austin, often with his wife and one or more of his three boys, trying like heck to become a better fly fisherman.
  • Merrill "Little Red" Robinson And The Texas Fly Fishing Scene

    Merrill "Little Red" Robinson, a native Texan and born and raised in Austin, is a redheaded sportswoman who heeds the call to hunt, fly fish, hike, advocate for public land and water access, promote the conservation of our nation's wildlife, land, waterways, and fish, and for anything and everything outdoors. 


  • Fiberglass Fly Rod Junkie Brandon Bailes

    It’s a stressful job, but he’s found his niche and passion with his fiberglass rod and tying small deer hair bugs and downsized streamers.
  • Season 2 Episode 3 Edgar Diaz Sight Line Provisions

    This week we talk with Edgar Diaz, founder of Sight Line Provisions. As an artist he traveled from one art show to another scratching by while run...
  • Ross White Returns

    “Behind every DFD bag is the idea that simple gear allows you to fish more.  This notion grew from my passion for good design."

    We could not agree more! After throwing away my fishing vest and switching to his sling pack my fishing life has never been the same.

    We’ve partnered with DFD to produce some exclusive sling packs, beer koozies and streamer wallets just for our listeners and you can check them out on our website at

  • Far From Home With Kayla Lockhart

    She was 24 when she found her love for Fly Fishing. This was also the time she finally ventured out of her home state and explored some new waters and lands and moved to Portland OR.