• Keith Scott Blues

     This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast Keith Scott pays us another visit.
  • Quarantined with Robert Tomes

    This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff talks with author and Muskie expert Robert Tomes. 00:00 The Curse of Robert Tomes ...
  • The Corona Bat Fly With Steve Yewchuck

    This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast Jeff talks with Steve Yewchuck about fly tying, fly development and more. An excellent episode!
  • Native Atlantic Salmon- David Hartlin

    “Hooking and landing my first Chromer on a dry fly, tipping the scales at around 15 lbs. I can still remember my legs shaking so bad as my grandfather laughed about it with joy! And just like that we Safely released her to finish the journey to the spawning grounds.
  • Hemispheres Unlimited-Justin Witt

    This week Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast host Jeff Troutman talks with Justin Witt. Justin Witt is a philosophically disabled fly tier who spends six months of every year running his Trout Bum program in Southern Argentina, and the other six months wandering the world with his wife and young daughter looking for new places to fish and worrying about the meaning of life.  
  • Next Gen Fly Fishing With KC Badger

    Rivers and streams once occupied by tweed fishing jackets and bamboo creels have been flooded with flat bill caps and tattoos. No doubt we’ve seen a shift in the demographic of fly, but is this the future? 
  • Trout Camp Relationships

    This week we talk with Michigander John Arens about our need for quality relationships. What better way to build them than at trout camp? 
  • Interview With Mike Williams of Green Bus Designs

    This week we talk with Michael Williams of Mike Williams Art/Green Bus Designs. After studying Art Education at Michigan State University, Williams went on to teach near the rivers of North-East Michigan. It wasn’t until one of his students asked him to draw a Rapala that he really started to pursue art for himself again.
  • Curing Adventure Deficit- Drew De Vries

    Last year I was invited on the Adventure Deficit podcast with this week’s guest Drew De Vries. It was kind of strange being on the other side of them mic, but Drew was an excellent host. Now it’s his turn! We recorded this week’s episode late last fall and we’ve been looking forward to publishing it ever since! We discuss the creation of his podcast and talk about his fly fishing adventure out west.


  • Merrill "Little Red" Robinson And The Texas Fly Fishing Scene

    Merrill "Little Red" Robinson, a native Texan and born and raised in Austin, is a redheaded sportswoman who heeds the call to hunt, fly fish, hike, advocate for public land and water access, promote the conservation of our nation's wildlife, land, waterways, and fish, and for anything and everything outdoors. 


  • Far From Home With Kayla Lockhart

    She was 24 when she found her love for Fly Fishing. This was also the time she finally ventured out of her home state and explored some new waters and lands and moved to Portland OR.